About JC’s Honey Bees

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Jason Smith is a third-generation beekeeper and Master Beekeeper. His grandfather began keeping bees 70 years ago and passed his knowledge down to Jason. Jason and his wife, Christina Smith, started the family owned business named JC’s Honey Bees in 2012, but they were tending bees for many years before hand. Jason regularly attends to his backyard apiary as well as several other apiary locations in and around Parker County. Not only is Jason a beekeeper, but he is a full-time paramedic with the Parker County Hospital District. Beekeeping helps Jason forget about the daily stresses in emergency services. Jason explains, “I enjoy beekeeping, as it is a way for me to unwind. I know it sounds funny to think that dealing with thousands of stinging, venomous insects is relaxing, but it is for me. Also, my bees provide pollination to the backyard gardens, fruit trees, and wild flowers within a 2-mile radius.”

JC’s Honey Bees has been featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Weatherford Now, Your Family- Life in Parker County, Parker County Life Style, and Weatherford Star –Telegram.